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The following are policies that govern Monroe Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation (MTASC) operations.

Code of Ethics Policy - The Corporation expects all members, officers and employees to observe high ethical standards of conduct in the performance of their duties, comply and cause the Corporation to comply with all laws and regulations governing business transactions, and use and cause the Corporation to use its funds and assets only for legal and appropriate purposes.

Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance Policy

Disposal of Property Guidelines - Policies set forth internal controls for tracking, inventory and disposal of the Corporations fixed assets and real property.

Investment Policy - Establishes investment guidelines and reporting requirements.

Travel Policy - Any travel expenses for which reimbursement is requested and allowed shall be for actual and necessary expenses incurred when conducting business for the Corporation.

Whistleblower Policy - This policy is to protect the employees of the Corporation and the employees of any entity contracted to perform management services for the Corporation who make allegations to officials of the Corporation of illegal activity or misconduct.